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This city is upside down 
The sky the colour of dirt 
We walk upon chewing gum constellations
And can't feel the hum of the earth
There's no relief on tilted steats
And the smog just rolls on through 
We pay no heed to the siren's song 
While buzzing sulphur keeps the view 

And when it comes to you 
It will be as inland rain 
That still tastes of distant shores
Which know nothing of mountains 
They know nothing of mountains 

We met inside a dream somewhere 
I never took their name 
We were scared and completely in love 
Lost inside an endless maze 

When I awoke I was a ghost 
Who knew that it just died 
Tried so hard to sleep but they had gone 
Buried beneath the tide 

So take care when you close your eyes 
For the mountains, they can form 
May raise you to a higher place 
And destroy you come the dawn 

You know nothing of mountains. 

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